💚Tavern Dutch Auction

Event Time

  • Start: June 17, UTC 04:00 AM

  • End: Till tavern sold out

Auction Page


  • Each wallet doesn't have mint limitations.

  • Mint one at a time.

  • Every 30 minutes the tavern price will drop down 0.25 BNB till reaching the floor price.

  • Mint the tavern when reaches your ideal price, the auction will not refund the difference.

New Tavern for Sale

Five Stars Tavern

  • Start Price: 9 BNB

  • Floor Price: 2.475 BNB

  • Supply: 150

Four Stars Tavern

  • Start Price: 7 BNB

  • Floor Price: 1.875 BNB

  • Supply: 300

Three Stars Tavern

  • Start Price: 5 BNB

  • Floor Price: 1.35 BNB

  • Supply: 500

Team has received many requests about selling taverns with MKP. But the team is not using MKP to sell tavern is restricted by the current NFT smart contract, hope all the players can understand that.

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