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The Metakeeper is a game experience for NFT collectibles on the BSC blockchain. Play to earn rich rewards.

Through exploration missions, fight with enemies and collect MKP tokens as rewards. Players team up with a group of keepers to defeat the unknown enemy. Each keeper had different stats, if you're lucky you might recruit keepers with good stats! Through level up, they can become more reliable and protect the meta world with you!

And the keepers are not alone. Players can recruit partners to boost the reward or increase the stats to help complete the mission. Each keeper, partner, tavern are NFT which increases ownership as well as traceability!

How to Play

Recruit keepers and send them to exploration missions. In the middle of the mission will face different levels of enemies. The keeper's health point will decrease by enemies attack. When keepers run out of HP, they need to go back to the tavern to restore the HP.

➡️ Get keepers to explore.

➡️ Defeat the enemies to get rewards.

➡️ If run out of HP keepers will stop the mission.


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