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When fighting with enemies, health will reduce. Each map has a fixed number of soldiers, captains, generals, and demons.

  • Soldiers (12 per map): 4 damage, need to attack 25 times, defeat to get 2.5 tokens.

  • Captains (5 per map): 6 damage, need to attack 40 times, defeat to get 4 tokens.

  • Generals (5 per map): 8 damage, need to attack 30 times, defeat to get 4 tokens.

  • Demons (2 per map): 15 damage, need to attack 80 times, defeat to get 15 tokens.


Mysterious merchants and wandering keeper will randomly appear in exploration missions.

  • Wandering Keeper (1 per map, random): Wandering keeper will be stored in the bag. Spend 200 MKP to unlock it will randomly get a keeper.

  • Mystery Merchant (1 per map, random): Meet merchant will get 1 Mystery Crystal, which can be used in the shop.

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