There are 6 types of keepers.

Veola - Wizard

She is the powerful wizard in the metaverse. People will describe her as bold and full of vigor and she has a secret ability can see through the future.

Sylph - Archer

Born in the ancient elf family. Although she is smaller than other keepers in Metaverse she has flexible moves and a bright mind.

Xander - Fighter

The craziest keeper in the MetaKeeper world, Xander is the furious warrior who has a massive of power. He has a special ax to defeat the enemy.

Rift - Knight

Having the bold and powerful power of the Metakeeper world, Rift can easily destroy those enemies with his formidable sword.

Boo - Ranger

He doesn't know where he comes from and always wandering, but there is huge unknown energy hidden in his body waiting to explode.

Maxi - Rogue

Usually, you can't find he is approaching you with his stealth skills. Quiet and unpredictable make him cover a mystery mask.

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